The relationship between hit TV anime Girls und Panzer and Ibaraki Prefecture has been very strong indeed and the anime was recently awarded with the prefecture’s Ibaraki Image Award for helping the area gain some much needed tourism revenue which it gets from anime tourists and pilgrims who visit the sites which were featured throughout the anime.


The town of Oarai, which is the home turf for the anime’s main characters held the awarding ceremony at the local shopping district where locals were quite enthusiastic. The Oarai Senshadou team, as well as some guests from Anzio all lined up in a street to celebrate the event.


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Miho Nishizumi’s voice actress, Mai Fuchigami was present during the ceremony along with Girls und Panzer producer Kiyoshi Sugiyama. The prize was awarded to Oarai town’s “Oarai GaruPan Project” which was responsible for the rise in the prefecture’s tourism and it was awarded by the Ibaraki governor himself, Akira Hashimoto.

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The prefecture is also know for its beaches, and with summer already around the corner, they stepped up their PR campaign and introduced a new poster featuring the anime’s main characters. It was even signed by Mai Fuchigami! Welcome to Oarai indeed…

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