Voice actress Rina Hidaka is best known for voicing young girls or as anime fans would call them, lolis. She is one of the most popular voice characters in Japan right now and Japanese media website DDNavi has once again taken to the streets of Akihabara and asked its denizens which Rina Hidaka character is their favorite.


From Accel World’s Red King Nico to Sword Art Online’s Silica, she has become famous for voicing all those loli characters. But who do fans in the otaku capital of Japan say is their favorite of all? With a total of 100 respondents, here is what they had to say:

5) Enjuu Aihara (Black Bullet)


This rabbit model initiator is known for her speedy kicks and lightning-fast reflexes as well as her cute innocent charm. She’s both cute and she kicks Gastrea butt! She is also a bit too overly-attached to her partner Rentarou who she wants to marry in the future. As a cursed child, she is a tragic character who is doomed to be turned into a Gastrea in the future, but that does not stop her from having a positive outlook in life and is quite cheerful.

4) Last Order (A Certain series)


The second youngest Misaka Mikoto clone is also the most popular and this hyperactive little girl is a bundle of energy both literally and figuratively. She is probably the most important Misaka clone out there as she serves as the admin in the Misaka Network of clones, which of course puts her in a great deal of danger to those who want to use the clones for their own gain. However, you better watch out as she has one dangerous guardian who can be a bit of a yandere, and to make things worse, that guardian is Accelerator, the #1 ranked level 5 in Academy City… also known for being one huge lolicon.

3) Nagisa Akatsuki (Strike the Blood)


Upsetting fan-favorite Last Order is Nagisa Akatsuki, the little sister of Strike the Blood main character Kojou Akatsuki. Though she is not the main girl, she has also proven to be more popular than Strike the Blood’s heavily advertised main character, Yukina whose memorable lines “No Sempai, this is our fight” may or may not have annoyed many anime fans. Nagisa is the friendliest character in the series and her warmth has certainly spread to the fans over at Akihabara as she takes the #3 spot

2) Airi Kashii (Ro-Kyu-Bu!)


This girls’ basketball center is certainly large for her age, and she has developed a complex about it, which she eventually overcame. Airi may seem shy at first, but she is definitely strong in more ways than one. And even if she is not even a teenager, she is the only one in this list who many fans don’t consider a loli, but maybe that’s what makes her so popular.

1) Ririchiyo Shirakiin (Inu X Boku SS)


This rich girl has it all – looks, a well-off family, and a loyal body guard, yet she often seems depressed most of the time. She certainly has a lot of tsun when it comes to being a tsundere, but she really is one strong character and she takes the #1 spot in DDNavi’s list.

Looks like other favorites like SAO’s Silica, Accel World’s Nico, Galilei Donna’s Hozuki Ferrari, and Tamako Market’s Anko were not included in the list. Who do you think is her best character?

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Source: DDNavi


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