Love Live! fans, also known as Love Livers, are some of the most dedicated anime fans on Earth, not only have they identified the exact location of the the setting of the anime’s Season 2 Episode 11 within a few hours of its airing, but they also identified the location of the nature park featured in the second episode.

Now, they have shown even more skill in tracking some of the anime’s “Holy Spots” from Season 2 Episode 11, as these images reveal:


From the location of the arcade where Nico utterly destroyed Honoka in a dance rhythm game to the shrine where the μ’s made their prayers, to even the bowling alley where Eri got a strike, they have identified them all, according to the map above.

What’s more impressive is that some of them have even visited the very site where the episode had its emotional finale and compared the scenes with their real-life location.




Now that’s some pretty dedicated fans. Looks like Love Livers, anime tourists and pilgrims will be flocking the areas very soon

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