Japanese newspaper Sankei Sports has announced that they have launched a new Girls und Panzer newspaper in anticipation of the Blu-ray/ DVD release of the new Girls und Panzer OVA which will pit Oarai against the Italian tanks of Anzio Academy.


The new Girls und Panzer newspapers will be released on June 27, 2014, just two days after the OVA’s  Blu-ray/ DVD release, which will be on July 25, 2014. Each newspaper will cost 400 yen and will be available in news stands  all over Japan.


The special edition newspaper will provide articles like the damage done when Oarai and St. Glorriana met in battle as well as interviews with Girls und Panzer voice actresses like Mai Fuchigami who voices main character Miho Nishizumi as well as Maya Yoshioka who voices both the Duck Team’s Taeko Kondo and Anzio Academy tank commander Anchovy.

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Source: Sankei Sports


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