After taking a look at some of the returning anime from the upcoming Summer 2014 season, we now take a look at six of the brand new titles which will surely give the big name Summer anime a serious run for their money.

Unlike our returning anime list, we had a harder time making up our minds on which anime should be included in our list, but alas, we have finally made our decision. Please note that these are new anime, meaning these titles did not have any seasons or other anime adaptations prior to this one. Here are SGCafe’s six new anime from summer 2014 you should watch out for:

Tokyo Ghoul


Tokyo Ghoul comes into Summer 2014 as one of the most hyped anime series and for good reason, as the horror manga series by Sui Ishida, which this anime is based on, already has a cult following prior to the anime adaptation. A word of caution though, as this series is also known to be a gorey one and may not be for the faint of heart.

The anime takes you to the hidden world of the ghouls which live in the shadows of Tokyo. These ghouls need to eat human flesh to survive, and college freshman Ken Kaneki gets some of their powers as he becomes a half-human, half-ghoul hybrid after he was transplanted with organs from a dead ghoul.

Akame Ga Kill


Like Tokyo Ghoul, Akame Ga Kill is also one of summer’s most highly anticipated anime and it promises plenty of action. Also like Tokyo Ghoul, it’s original manga, which is written by Takahiro with illustrations by Tetsuya Tashiro, already has a large following and its fans are more than eager to see their favorite manga finally get animated.

The anime follows the band of assassins known as Night Raid and their newest recruit, Tatsumi, who joins the group after being saved by them.



After making lots of people cry with Nagi no Asukara, anime studio P.A. Works is returning with another new series which also offers great animation, complex characters and of course, P.A. Works’ signature “Scenery Porn” which has made many viewers watch their animes just for the beautiful backgrounds.

The anime follows Touko Fukami, a senior high school student and her four best friends. During the summer break, they meet Kakeru Okikura, a transfer student who claims that a voice from the future has led him to Touko and this leads to a lot of adventures and heartbreaks. As this is done by P.A. Works, make sure to bring lots of tissues when watching as tears may be imminent.



Ladies and gentlemen, renowned anime Gen Urobuchi is back with yet another anime, and this time, he will be returning to the mecha genre after his critically acclaimed Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story movie swept through the Japanese box office. Like all his previous anime series, Aldnoah.Zero promises to be another good one, with plenty of unexpected plot twists all over. A word of caution though, as Gen Urobuchi is nicknamed “Urobutcher” for a reason.He is known to kill off or destroy the lives of his characters, and it can happen any time. Remember Madoka Magica’s Mami anyone?

The story follows an alternate history where Earth is at war with Mars because of the discovery of a Hypergate in the moon’s surface back in 1972.



With summer introducing plenty of heavy and emotionally charged stories like Tokyo Ghoul, Aldnoah.Zero, and Glasslip, Barakamon may offer a nice and funny reprieve.

This country-side slice of life comedy promises to be lighthearted and full of laughs as it follows city-born calligrapher Seishuu Handa who moves to the remote Gotou islands which offer a life which is not what he is accustomed to. The anime will chronicle his day-to-day interactions with the people of the islands, and how he copes with his new life.



This new anime takes a peek at the world of the traditional Japanese dance known as Yosakoi. Like Barakamon, this new anime is also lighthearted and would be a good break from all the suspenseful series Summer is introducing. Hanayamata will surely appease the appetite for all the moe fans out there, as well as educate people more about Yosakoi dancing.

The anime follows Naru Sekiya who meets an American girl named Hannah who is very much interested in Japanese culture, especially Yosakoi dancing. She manages to convince Naru to join her as they meet new people and learn new things.

What do you think of our picks? Which new Summer 2014 anime do you want to watch?

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