Summer 2014 is shaping up to be one of the hottest anime seasons to date with plenty of promising new anime titles as well as several familiar names which will either be returning for a new season or coming back with an entirely new series. We now take a look at six of these familiar anime titles which will be making their respective returns during this upcoming summer season.

While the first three returning anime we have chosen are basically no brainers, the writers here at SGCafe have seriously debated on which other three anime should be included in this list. And after the smoke has cleared, we finally completed our final list of the six returning anime to watch for during Summer. We have made a different list for the new anime you should watch out for this summer.

Note that these are returning series, and not completely new series, meaning they are either a new season, a reboot, or a retelling.

Sword Art Online II


Love it or hate it, Sword Art Online II is without a doubt the hottest anime title coming into Summer 2014 as its legions of fans have waited two years for Kirito, Asuna, Lizbeth, Silica, Yui, Leafa, and the rest of the SAO gang to return, as well as finally see new heroine Sinon be featured in an anime. And as it seems, people are really excited to see “Trap Kirito“.

The anime’s premiere has even become a worldwide event in of itself. Special screenings for Sword Art Online II’s premiere episode will be done in seven countries.The Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California will host a premiere event with SAO creator Reki Kawahara as the special guest on July 4, 2014 while it will be shown during the Japan Expo 2014 in Germany on the same date. It will also have premiere events in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and France.

Sailor Moon Crystal


After months of delays and setbacks, Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary anime, Sailor Moon Crystal is finally going to be shown worldwide. While most of the younger audiences may not be familiar with this classic anime heavyweight, this new series certainly promises to win them over. And if there’s any title in the Summer 2014 roster which can seriously challenge Sword Art Online in terms of popularity, Sailor Moon Crystal is one favorite which can really give it a run for its money.

The series was originally intended for the younger female demographic, but with its large fan base, even guys are excited to watch. The new anime promises to be much more loyal to Naoko Takeuchi’s manga than the previous anime series back in the 90’s and that just gives Sailor fans all the more reason to watch.

Free! Eternal Summer


Summer usually means warmer temperatures, and warmer temperatures usually mean a trip to the local swimming pool. And what better way to cool down in this hot weather than to watch Free! Eternal Summer?

With the rising number of female anime fans and fujoshis all over the world, this new Free! season has become one of the “no brainers” to add in our list, along with Sword Art Online II and Sailor Moon Crystal. The swimming pool battles in Free! have excited many anime fans and the fan service has made many women swoon. Guess those rock-hard abs aren’t just for making them swim faster.

Persona 4 The Golden Animation


In 2011, Persona 4 the Animation has made even more people play Atlus’s bestselling JRPG, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. Now, a new Persona 4 anime will be premiering this summer and this time, a new character will be introduced and her name is Marie and she will be voiced by none other than Kana Hanazawa (OreImo’s Kuroneko and IS: Infinite Stratos’s Charlotte Dunois).

P4GA will be a retelling of the original anime series with the addition of Marie. This new series will still feature everybody from the first anime, and with the new changes, it would certainly be worth watching.

Black Butler: Book of Circus


Sebastian and Ciel are back for a new anime run and fans are certainly excited for this one as it will finally adapt the manga’s Noah’s Ark Circus arc. Expect plenty of intrigue, twists, turns, action, and Ciel getting rescued by Sebastian (again) in this one… along with a few female fans screaming.

Fate/ Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei!


Our final pick is the Fate series spin-off which focuses on the lovable “loli” Illyasviel Von Einzbern who somehow became a magical girl.

The anime picks up where the previous season left off and follows Illya as she lives her daily life with her brother Shirou, her guardians, and her best friend and fellow-magical girl, Miyu. Things get a bit more complicated as a “Dark Illya” shows up and causes even more trouble to the card-gathering magical girls.

So there you have it, our list for returning anime to watch out for this Summer 2014. What other anime do you think should be included in our list?

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