The lovable Super Sonico is often featured wearing a white two-piece bikini which further highlights her… um… Assets. Sonico wearing that white bikini has become so popular that when the limited edition Blu-ray/ DVD Vol. 1 of her anime which featured her wearing it as a figma was released, it became sold out within mere hours.

Now, the limited edition fourth volume of her anime’s Blu-ray/DVD may have a repeat of what Vol 1 did as that very white bikini will come bundled along with it.

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Yes, that white bikini, the one featured in episode 1 of the anime. She has also been featured wearing said white bikini in various artworks, figures and the new Motto! SoniComi video game for the PlayStation 3.

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Unfortunately for guys, only the bikini will be bundled and no Sonico. The bikini can be used by women for swimming or as a cosplay costume whenever they will cosplay the series’ lovable yet clumsy protagonist… though knowing that this is Sonico’s white bikini we are talking about, expect the chest area to be a little bit on the loose side if you don’t have her… um… assets.

The limited edition bundle will go on sale on June 18, 2014 and it will cost 9,000 yen for the Blu-ray edition while the DVD edition will cost 8,500 yen.The Blu-ray can now be reserved via for a pre-order price of 7,133 yen. A regular edition which does not come bundled with the bikini will cost 6,000 yen.

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Source: Akiba Souken


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