Suntory’s new Regain is rolling out today and they’re making sure fans get a truly out of this world experience, and they have even enlisted the help of a certain lovable, yet-overly attached alien girl from the classic anime and manga series, Urusei Yatsura named Lum Invader.

Thanks to the yellow and black can that Regain comes in, fans of Lum are in for a treat as cosplayer Sumire shows her modelling skills as Lum and promotes the new drink.


It’s tiring shocking your husband all the time, but apparently Lum can keep up her energy levels with an earth-style pick me up.


Speaking to the crowd, Sumire states that “I was able to become Lum-chan~!”


What better way to pull off all nighter anime marathons than with an energy drink sponsored by this classic character? You can almost hear “my darling~” coming out of the can.



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Source: Anime-Anime


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