Neon Genesis Evangelion and Mobile Suit Gundam are two of the most highly successful and highly recognized mecha series around. And since these are mecha anime we are talking about, expect a huge majority of their fans to be guys so Japanese media website MyNavi Woman has recently conducted a study on which mecha fan women find more interesting, Evangelion fans or Gundam fans?


According to their results, majority of women tend to favor guys who like Gundam more than guys who like Evangelion with 72.8% of the all-female respondents saying they prefer men who like Gundam more while only 27.2% said that they prefer men who like Evangelion more.


But why did the women pick Gundam over Evangelion? The respondents also stated their reasons for their choice. A 31-year old clerk said that Gundam fans tend to have a much “stronger” feeling in them while a 29-year old secretary stated that Gundam fans are “Manlier”.

Some women however feel a bit more nostalgic towards Gundam so they picked “men who like Gundam” as their choice. A 27-year old insurance sales representative stated that Gundam has a lot more history than Evangelion while another 27-year old lady stated that she loved Gundam as a child and would love a guy who was also a fan.

Other women on the other hand chose Gundam as its female characters are not as moe as Eva characters as said by a 31-year old advertising clerk. Others meanwhile said that they did not like Evangelion’s darker setting.

Even if they seem to be the minority, women picking guys who like the Evangelion franchise meanwhile had different things to say.


Women said that guys who like Eva more than Gundam are more “stylish”, as said by a 27-year old office lady. A 29-year old IT professional meanwhile stated that men who like Evangelion are more “sophisticated” than their Gundam fan counterparts.

Others meanwhile said that they just simply prefer Evangelion as a series more than Gundam so they would most likely be able to pick guys who are also Eva fans. According to a 27-year old clerk, while both series are great, women tend to be hooked more to Evangelion.

Others meanwhile have stated that they have no interest in Gundam therefore picking the male Evangelion fans.

Well, it does seem that Gundam is a lot more rugged than the sleeker and more stylish Evangelion franchise. Maybe women actually like more rugged men, but as a guy myself, I really couldn’t say.

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Source: MyNavi Women


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