Voice actress Yoko Hikasa has voiced many different roles in anime from the sultry demon princess, Rias Gremory to intelligent grade school basketball point guard Saki Nagatsuka, from vampire ninja Seraphim to bumbling human princess Stephanie Dola, she has boasted a very wide range of voices tailored to any role.


But with so many different roles, which one is her very best? To answer that question, Japanese media website DDNavi has once again visited the otaku capital of Akihabara and asked 100 people which Yoko Hikasa role do they think is the best. Here is what they had to say:

5) Emi Yusa/ Emilia the Hero (Hataraku Maou-sama!)


Considered one of her most endearing tsundere roles, the hero Emilia really knows how to turn up the Tsun whenever it comes to the subject of the hamburger-flipping Demon Lord, Maou Sadao. Forced to work as a call center agent, this hero has not forgotten the atrocities the demons have committed, even after being stuck in the modern world with Sadao, but that does not stop fans from shipping the two of them! I-i-it’s not like she wanted to buy a burger in Magronald’s or anything, she’s just checking if Sadao is up to something evil, right?

4) Shino Amakusa (Seitokai Yakuindomo)


Student Council President Shino Amakusa has become very popular to fans not only because she is quite the beauty herself, not only because she is one of the smartest students in her school, not only because she is part of one of the funniest school-life anime series on Earth, but also because she is very very very perverted. Yeah, she really likes talking about the S word a lot and she does not mind that her male student council vice president is around to hear her, heck, she does not even mind if the entire student body hears her perverted thoughts.

3) Rias Gremory (High School DXD)


Whenever you hear the name Rias Gremory, the term “Fan Service” would often come to mind as the sultry demon princess would often be presented in various fan service situations and she is often presented to be completely naked… and like Shino Amakusa, she does not even mind. This high-class demon is known for her power of destruction, however, that seems to be eclipsed by the power of her… um… chest, which is often the source of power for the High School DXD’s lovable pervert protagonist, Issei.

2) Houki Shinonono (IS: Infinite Stratos)


She may be one of the most unpopular IS girls, but Houki has made it to #2 in DDNavi’s list and this tsundere childhood friend has proven that she also has plenty of fans out there. Often seen stern and aloof, she would more than willingly show Ichika her sweet side with all her heart… if only Ichika ain’t very dense and actually gets her message that she likes him. She is also a master kendo practitioner and with her IS unit Akatsubaki, she has proven to be one of the deadliest close-combat fighters there is.

1) Mio Akiyama (K-On!)


Considered Yoko Hikasa’s star-making role, it may come to no surprise that lovable HTT bassist and back-up vocalist Mio Akiyama takes the #1 spot in DDNavi’s list. Her unforgettable reactions have captured the hearts of many audiences around the world and she is often one of the most talked-about HTT members. In the anime, she is also very popular, so popular that she even has her very own fan club.

Unfortunately, DDNavi was only able to name five of her roles. Who do you think should also be included in the list? Should Ro-Kyu-Bu! point guard Saki be included? Or should it be Danganronpa’s ace detective, Kyouko Kirigiri? Do you think No Game No Life’s Stephanie Dola should have also made it to the list? How about Campione!’s Erica Blandelli?

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Source: DDNavi


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