Good Smile Company is once again conducting their Good Smile Cup Figure/Model Contest, and in its 3rd year, the Kahotan blog has unveiled some of the entries for the contest which has displayed great skill in building figures and plastic models from scratch.


The contest started back in 2012 and GSC has been conducting it ever since. It features both professional and amateur PlaMo builders and figure sculptors, some of whom work for GSC’s partner companies like Max Factory and Phat! Company. The contest is an in-house event without any restrictions, meaning, you can build whatever you want, however, all entries must be built from scratch.

With Kahotan’s absence (she is currently in France for the Japan Expo), GSC employee Shashaki stepped up to the plate and announced some of the entries in their Figure and Model categories. Let’s start with the figures shall we?


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As mentioned earlier, as long as the figure is built from scratch, anything goes so whether the figure is from an anime, a video game, a movie, a western comic book, or inspired by a real person, it is allowed. One of the entrants which got a lot of attention is the figure inspired by Knights of Sidonia as it features great detail in each of the mechas included in the figure.


Another head-turner is the Gamagoori figure from Kill la Kill. As you can see, it is just massive, just like the real Gamagoori. Here he is with his sculptor, Takano.


The other category presented in the blog is the model category, and like the figures, anything goes as long as it is built from scratch.

o0515026212990177209 o0515026812990177635 o0515028712990177461 o0515029712990177459 o0515031012990177637 o0515032312990177457 o0515032512990177460 o0515047412990177212 o0515055112990177636

One of the model category’s highlights include this [email protected] which is inspired by [email protected]


Shashaki has said that once Kahotan returns from France, other entries will be unveiled.

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Source: Kahotan


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