It’s no secret that AKB48‘s Miku Tanabe is an otaku and she says that she really loves watching anime. It also turns out that she is one big Ultraman fan and she is seen dressing up as the Ultraman Kaiju Miclas as she teams up with T-shirt brand HTML ZERO3 for some Ultraman-themed T-shirts.


While the one in the left-hand side is a whole lot cuter than her counterpart, Miku Tanabe really looks like she is enjoying herself as Miclas. “Tanamiclas” may just be the cutest kaiju ever.


img66422592 img66422587

There are six designs in total and all feature a original illustrations. Here are the collaboration shirts which feature her as “Tanamiclas” as she wreaks some havoc.

1 2 3

These “Tanamiclas” T-shirts are now available via Rakuten for 4,104 yen each.

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