After shocking everyone by cosplaying Kantai Collection‘s most popular destroyer, Shimakaze, renowned Japanese character designer Mel Kishida is at it again with yet another one of his weird cosplays during the Natsu Momonu Aomori Rock Festival 2014.


The man known for designing the characters for video games like the Atelier Arland series, light novels like RDG: Red Data Girl and anime such as Hanasaku Iroha, has been known for his weird cosplays for quite a while now, and during the musical event in Aomori prefecture, he did not disappoint.


Clad in a white unitard with his face painted white and donning a red two-piece get-up while wearing a butterfly mask is as weird as it gets. Here he is posing with one of the hosts for the event, Stephanie Ayumi.


He even horsed around with voice actress Yuu Kobayashi who is known for voicing Attack on Titan’s lovable “Potato Girl”, Sasha Braus. Kobayashi even joked that Mel Kishida-sensei is now ready for his pro wrestling debut.


Here is a history of his weird cosplay get-ups:


People are wondering what the heck he will do next, but it is for certain that we may never know.

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Source: Moe Otanews


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