The Japan Expo 2014 in the “City of Lights”, Paris, France, is currently underway and the event featured an advanced screening of Sword Art Online II’s first episode, cosplay, Japanese music and figure displays from some of the biggest names in Japan.

As Paris hosted the event, Bandai and Square Enix displayed some of their upcoming merchandise and they certainly turned a lot of heads. Let us begin with Bandai who displayed some of their best figures from some of their most popular figure lines. Here we have their Super Robot Chogokins, Getter One and UFO Robot Grendizer.

ttas002 ttas004 ttas007

Their high-quality Soul of Chogokin line were also on display. Here is the Arcadia from the classic SciFi anime Space Pirate Captain Harlock. This Soul of Chogokin is scheduled for release October 2014 and will cost 28,000 yen.

ttas01 ttas006

Bandai’s popular Saint Myth Cloth line from Saint Seiya were also well represented in Paris. Here’s the Saint Cloth Legend, Sagittarius Aiolos from the new Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary movie


Bandai’s SH FiguArts were also on display, including Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Saturn.


Square Enix meanwhile made some pretty huge announcements for the event as they displayed their upcoming Play Arts Kai figures, which are highlighted by Final Fantasy.

pas03 pas04

Square Enix announced three new additions to their Play Arts Kai line and they are the Advent Children versions of Cloud, Barret, and Tifa.

pas02 pas05 pas06 pas07 pas08 pas10 pas13

Also on display were the Tron versions of Sora and Riku from kingdom Hearts and their DC Variants.

pas09 pas11 pas12

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