The Bandai Premium shop page for the 15th anniversary Digivices has updated and reveals that there’s quite a bit of nostalgia to be had.

Many fans guessed that when the Bandai Premium shop said they’d be releasing Digivices for the 15th anniversary of Digimon that it would be a re-release of the original toys, they were quite close. Take a look at the designs below, which should look very familiar to fans as it’s based on the original Digivice toy that the show was based on. They’ve changed the materials used for it, however, and that makes the plastic look a lot lighter. As for why it’s the original device…well the device was released in 1999 so Bandai thought it was suitable to the 15th anniversary.


Bandai is also making it clear that these aren’t just Digivices that look slightly different than the old ones, but have some newer key points to draw fans in. That includes Mega stage evolutions for the eight Digimon the original Digidestined were partners with. WarGreymon and MetalGururumon are a must, but HolyDramon, HerculesKabuterimon, Phoenixmon, Rosemon, Vikemon and Seraphimon are also obtainable.


You won’t need 900 people to mass email you to obtain Omnimon on you’re Digivice either, as an event on the device lets you take down Diaboromon.


The death of Wizardmon was a scene that had many fans crying, and to this day he’s a fan favorite. Bandai is aware of that and has made him a playable Digimon alongside Tailmon.


And of course, the pedometer function of the Digivice has been improved and will let you know its counting your steps with a ‘gacha gacha’ sound. If you’re lucky enough to find a fan as big as you are while you’re out, you can also link Digivices for a one-on-one battle.


The preorders for the Digivices open on the Bandai Premium Shop page August 1st and end on September 30. Each one will cost you 9,990 yen and will ship sometime in December.

Do you feel the same way about Digimon now as you did the first time you watched it?

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