The Black Bullet anime has finally ended and it has certainly cemented the original light novel’s reputation for suddenly killing off beloved characters. The anime has gained plenty of fans despite all the deaths (Game of Thrones anyone?) and Movic is giving them a treat by announcing the release of two Dakimakuras featuring two of the series most popular heroines.

The Rabbit-type initiator Enju Aihara and the Owl-type initiator Tina Sprout have both captured the hearts of many Black Bullet fans and both are getting their own Dakimakura covers.




Both covers cost 10,800 yen and are due for release October 25, 2014. You can now pre-order both Dakimakura covers via

The Enju Dakimakura cover can be ordered through this link while the Tina Dakimakura cover can be purchased through this link.

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