Back in December we found out that Death Note would be getting a musical adaptation set for 2015, and now we know who will be playing Light Yagami.

Light is probably best known for his dramatic poses, so fans are probably hoping his role will be in good hands and it is. It’s in two sets of hands, in fact, as Light’s role is being double cast, meaning there will be two different actors set to play him at different performances.


The first actor will be Kenji Urai, who made his professional debut in Kamen Rider Kuuga. After that, he went on to star as the sixth generation Tuxedo Mask in the Sailor Moon musical, so you know he’ll be able to handle all the elaborate poses Light tends to strike.


The second actor will be Hayato Kakizawa who garnered a lot of attention with his most recent role in Kaiji 2.


The musical will not only be touring Japan, but will also be heading to Korea for several performance next year.

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Source: AnimeAnime


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