As Eva Racing is gearing up for the Suzuka 8-hour endurance race this month, Banpresto has announced that they will be releasing some Eva Racing prizes courtesy of Ichiban Kuji, and they will feature the lovely race queen of Evangelion and many more.

The Ichiban Kuji lottery can be played in Seven Eleven stores all over Japan and each game costs 600 yen to play. Here are the prizes:

A Prize: Rei Ayanami Eva Racing figure


B Prize: Asuka Langley Soryuu figure


C Prize: Mari Makinami Illustrious figure


D Prize: Eva Racing Poster


E Prize: Pen-pen Eva Racing Ver. plushie


F Prize: Petit Eva Collection Side A (5 prizes to choose from)

news_large_evakuji-F001 news_large_evakuji-F002 news_large_evakuji-F003 news_large_evakuji-F004 news_large_evakuji-F005

G Prize: Petit Eva Collection Side B (5 prizes to choose from)

news_large_evakuji-G001 news_large_evakuji-G002 news_large_evakuji-G003 news_large_evakuji-G004 news_large_evakuji-G005

Last Prize: Kaworu Nagisa Eva Racing Ver. figure


Double Chance Prize: Eva-01 racing machine figure


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