Free! Eternal Summer promises to make a huge splash this Summer and before the anime premiered, its largest (and most abtacular) poster has been unveiled. And what better place to display it than in the land of the Boys Love fans (aka the fujoshis), Ikebukuro?


The large advertisement features all five main characters with their jerseys unzipped and their world-famous abs in full view. The gigantic Free! ad can be seen in Ikebukuro station.

Another image regarding this very ad has gone semi-viral in Japan and it involved the time the poster was being installed. We mentioned that the ad is located in the land of the fujoshis, right? Well… Let’s just say some of them were happy that they saw the ad being installed.


Free! Eternal Summer made its premiere yesterday, July 2, 2014 and is considered one of the most hyped anime titles of the season.

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Source: Otakomu


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