Japanese anime merchandise and cosplay brand Cospa is teaming yup with Fuji TV for the “Odaiba New World” event and they will be releasing anime merchandise from two of Fuji TV’s anime titles, One Piece, whose anime adaptation is celebrating its 15th anniversary, and the upcoming Assassination Classroom.


Assassination Classroom will be premiering in Fuji TV this Winter 2014 and Cospa is anticipating its premiere with several new merchandise featuring Koro-sensei.

Assassination Classroom track suit (6,912 yen)

news_xlarge_odaiba037 news_xlarge_odaiba036

Assassination Classroom Parka (Available in Blue and Black, 5,400 yen)

news_xlarge_odaiba038 news_xlarge_odaiba039

Koro-Sensei cleaners (432 yen each)

news_xlarge_odaiba028 news_xlarge_odaiba029 news_xlarge_odaiba030 news_xlarge_odaiba031

Koro-Sensei Key Chains (1,080 yen each)

news_xlarge_odaiba026 news_xlarge_odaiba027

Assassination Classroom Tote Bags (2,160 yen each)

news_xlarge_odaiba032 news_xlarge_odaiba033 news_xlarge_odaiba034

Assassination Classroom necktie (4,680 yen)

news_xlarge_odaiba042 news_xlarge_odaiba043

Assassination Classroom Mugs (972 yen)


And as One Piece Celebrates the 15th anniversary of its anime, Cospa will also be releasing these merchandise.

Marine T-Shirts (3,132 yen each)

news_xlarge_odaiba010 news_xlarge_odaiba015

Marine Tote Bag (2,160 yen)


Marine Caps (2,160 yen each)

news_xlarge_odaiba016 news_xlarge_odaiba017

Marine Card Case (1,080 yen)


Marine Key Chain (1,080 yen)


Marine Stainless Steel mug (1,404 yen)


Straw Hat Pirates Jolly Roger T-shirt (3,132 yen)


Trafalgar Law’s cap (5,400 yen)


One Piece 15th Anniversary straps (864 yen)

news_xlarge_odaiba023 news_xlarge_odaiba01  news_xlarge_odaiba09 news_xlarge_odaiba05 news_xlarge_odaiba02 news_xlarge_odaiba08

Limited edition One Piece 15th Anniversary Messenger Bag (Only 200 will be made, 6,912 yen)


One Piece 15th Anniversary tote bags (2,160 yen each)

news_xlarge_odaiba019 news_xlarge_odaiba04

One Piece 15th Anniversary silicon card case (1,296 yen each)


These items, with the exception of the One Piece 15th Anniversary messenger bag, can now be pre-ordered via Cospa’s official website

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