Summer in Japan usually means summer festivals, and Banpresto is getting into the summer festival spirit as they announce new the new Gintama Summer Festival Ichiban Kuji lotteries which will feature figures of Gintoki and Hijikata wearing yukatas, which are traditionally worn during these events.

These lotteries will be available via Family Mart and Circle K convenience stores all over Japan and it costs 600 yen per game. These prizes will only be available until July 27, 2014. Here are the prizes:

A Prize: Gintoki Sakata Yukata Ver.


B Prize: Toushiro Hijikata Yukata Ver.


C Prize: Kondo and Okita Chibi Kyun-chara set

news_xlarge_gintama_c01a news_xlarge_gintama_c012a

D Prize: Hijikata and Yamazaki Chibi Kyun-chara set

news_xlarge_gintama_d01a news_xlarge_gintama_d012a

E Prize: Gintama Summer Festival Postcard and Clear file Set (5 sets to choose from)

news_xlarge_gintama_e01a news_xlarge_gintama_e01b news_xlarge_gintama_e01c news_xlarge_gintama_e01d news_xlarge_gintama_e02a news_xlarge_gintama_e02b news_xlarge_gintama_e02c news_xlarge_gintama_e02d news_xlarge_gintama_e03a news_xlarge_gintama_e03b news_xlarge_gintama_e03c news_xlarge_gintama_e03d news_xlarge_gintama_e04a news_xlarge_gintama_e04b news_xlarge_gintama_e04c news_xlarge_gintama_e04d news_xlarge_gintama_e05a news_xlarge_gintama_e05b news_xlarge_gintama_e05c news_xlarge_gintama_e05d

F Prize: Gintama Hand Towels (5 to choose from)

news_xlarge_gintama_f01 news_xlarge_gintama_f02 news_xlarge_gintama_f03 news_xlarge_gintama_f04 news_xlarge_gintama_f05

G Prize: Rubber Strap set A (5 to choose from + 1 secret)

news_xlarge_gintama_g01 news_xlarge_gintama_g02 news_xlarge_gintama_g03 news_xlarge_gintama_g04 news_xlarge_gintama_g05 news_xlarge_gintama_g06

H Prize: Rubber Strap set B (4 to choose from + 1 secret)

news_xlarge_gintama_h01 news_xlarge_gintama_h02 news_xlarge_gintama_h03 news_xlarge_gintama_h04 news_xlarge_gintama_h05

Last Prize: Gintoki rooftop figure


Double Chance prize: Shinsengumi Poster set

news_xlarge_gintama_o01 news_xlarge_gintama_o02 news_xlarge_gintama_o03 news_xlarge_gintama_o04

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