Madoka Magica has been considered one of the most fashionable anime series out there and cosplay costume makers ACos is releasing several Madoka Magica fashion accessories which are inspired by the magical girls’ soul gems.

These magical accessories give off an “antique metal” look and are now available in various Animate shops.

Madoka Choker: 2,000 yen

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Homura Ring + Bracelet: 2,000 yen

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Mami Corsage: 3,000 yen

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Sayaka Chain Belt: 3,000 yen

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Kyouko Pendant: 2,000 yen

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Nagisa Brooch: 2,000 yen

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According to Animate, these accessories are best for work or worn when travelling. They are now available via the ACos official website

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Source: Animate


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