Garage Kit and figure makers will be converging in Makuhari Messe Hall once again this July 27, 2014 for the Summer edition of Wonder Festival 2014, and as Good Smile Company and Max Factory have announced their event-exclusive figures, GSC has now unveiled some of their other event exclusive merchandise which will be sold in their Wonderful Hobby Life For You!! 20 booth.


The Nendoroid More Dress Up Pajamas will be making a return this Summer WonFes and they will be sold for 700 yen per piece. These Nendoroid accessories were first introduced in the Winter edition of Wonder Festival 2014 last February.


The Wonderful Hobby Life For You!! 20 booth also has several non-figure goodies for fans with a tight budget. Here are the Kantai Collection Bath Time Collection waterproof seals which will also be sold during the event for 500 yen each.

goodsmile_003_cs1w1_x720 goodsmile_004_cs1w1_x720

Speaking of antropomorphic War Ship girls, the Kirukuma bears from Arpeggio Of Blue Steel will also be well represented. The Arpeggio Kirukuma mobile stickers will cost 1,000 yen while the muffler towel will cost 2,000 yen. The Kirukuma Kingdom T-shirt meanwhile will be available for S, M, L, and XL sizes and will cost 2,500 yen.

goodsmile_005_cs1w1_x720 goodsmile_006_cs1w1_x720 goodsmile_007_cs1w1_x720

Good Smile Racing meanwhile shows off their team spirit in the booth with the Racing Miku 2014 Muffler Towel (2,000 yen), Racing Miku 2014 speed cleaner (800 yen per bottle), Racing Miku 2014 ribbon magnets (2,000 yen each), and the Good Smile Racing & Team Ukyo ball caps (3,000 yen).

goodsmile_008_cs1w1_300x goodsmile_009_cs1w1_140x goodsmile_010_cs1w1_140x goodsmile_011_cs1w1_140x goodsmile_012_cs1w1_140x goodsmile_013_cs1w1_290x goodsmile_014_cs1w1_290x goodsmile_015_cs1w1_300x

ThreeA meanwhile will be introducing fans to the “World of Popbot” with the Popbot ICHIHITO UNDERVERSE NINJA TK which is worth 13,000 yen and the Popbot TK GRENADE CONTAINER + WONDERFEST TEE worth 4,500 yen.

goodsmile_016_cs1w1_300x goodsmile_017_cs1w1_300x (1)

Finally, Trigger will be getting their Kill la Kill on with some Typography and Mako stickers worth 600 yen each, a Mako black Tee worth 2,500 yen and a 3-Star Gokou pin worth 500 yen.

goodsmile_018_cs1w1_300x goodsmile_019_cs1w1_x720 goodsmile_020_cs1w1_300x goodsmile_021_cs1w1_720x goodsmile_022_cs1w1_720x

Now did that make your wallets worry already? WonFes is drawing ever closer and surely enough, figure enthusiasts as bracing themselves already!

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