As part of Gundam’s 35th Anniversary celebrations, the Real G Next Project was announced last March. Now, after a live press conference, it has been announced that the project will be renamed the Gundam Global Challenge which aims to make the 1:1 scale 18 meter Gundam move.


The project is slated for 2019, which is the 40th anniversary for Mobile Suit Gundam, which was first aired back in 1979. It aims to reach out to Gundam fans not only in Japan, but also the entire world and they aim to use the Gundam 35th Anniversary as the launchpad for that goal.

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According to the official website, the project’s concept is:

Take up the challenge of the ultimate dream and make the full-scale GUNDAM move.
We are looking for ideas from around the world.

In 2009, the 18m full-scale GUNDAM statue made its appearance. With its majestic figure it captured the heart of many people and showed us the potential of a dream.
Now, GUNDAM moves Japan and the whole world towards 2019, the year of GUNDAM 40th Anniversary.

“Challenge the dream: GUNDAM moves and it moves the world”

Bringing global knowledge together to challenge the ultimate dream! The aim is to make the 18m GUNDAM move.
To achieve this ambitious goal, we will develop a global project based in Japan, building a project team and collecting ideas and plans from around the world.
Cutting-edge technology, global knowledge and a strong passion that goes beyond the borders of countries and disciplines will make GUNDAM move.
GUNDAM will bring the greatest entertainment of all time to reality.

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Yasuo Miyakawa, Sunrise CEO and the Director of the Gundam Global Challenge project announced the outline of the project which truly aims to make a moving 18 meter 1/1 scale Gundam for future generations to enjoy as well as to celebrate the series’ 40th Anniversary. One of the objectives to make this possible is to create a design team from around the world to make that moving Gundam.


People interested to be a part of this history-making project can apply via the Gundam Global Challenge official website. It is divided into two sections, namely the Real Entertainment Section and the Virtual Entertainment Section. The Real Entertainment Section aims to use real knowledge and technology in order to make the 18 meter Gundam really move while the Virtual Entertainment Section aims to use the latest computer imagery to make the Gundam move in a virtual world. Here is the schedule:

July 9, 2014 – Gundam Global Challenge Press Conference

End of July – Accepting application

February 27, 2015 – Deadline for application

March 2015 – Judging for applications and ideas starts

July 2015 – Judging for applications and ideas ends

Fall 2014 – Gundam Global Challenge Announcement (Winner)/ Open Invitation starts

February 2016 – Open invitation Ends

March 2016 – Judging begins / Selection ends

July 2016 – Selection completed

Fall 2016 – Gundam Global Challenge Plan announcements

2017 – Execution of the plans

2018 – Announcements for the results of the Execution

2019 – 40th Anniversary/ target for completion of moving Gundam

Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino meanwhile also took to the stage and said that he is quite happy with the new project and says he is glad Gundam is really being integrated into technology.


The panel discussion also talked about the history of robotics, especially humanoid robots such as the WABOTs and Robosuke, and how they have paved the way for this new project. The advancement of robotics technology is also one of this projects aims and a moving Gundam will truly be a step forward for robotics technology.

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Source: Real G Next Project official


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