Japan Expo 2014 in Paris, France brought Europe a good taste of Japan’s otaku subculture, including one of the biggest names in the anime, figure and plastic model industry, Mobile Suit Gundam. As the franchise went to the City of Lights, the franchise presented its very best from a Gundam panel discussion to a PlaMo and figure display.


The Tamashii Nations booth displayed several Gundam figures from their Robot Spirits line along with several Candy Toys. They also distributed several figure and plastic model catalogs which not only displayed Gundam figures, but Bandai’s other series as well.

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Booths selling GunPla have definitely become a hit during the event. Bandai also featured several GunPla kit-building sessions for beginners.

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Several aspects of Japanese culture were also featured during the event which includes karaoke and cosplay

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An official Gundam panel discussion was held during the event’s third day (July 4, 2014) and they talked about the Gundam 35th Anniversary celebrations which include the upcoming Gundam: Reconguista in G anime, The Mobile Suiy Gundam: The Origin series, and the conclusion to the Gundam UC series, Over the Rainbow as well as Gundam Build Fighters. Shin Sasaki, who produced many Gundam titles including Gundam UC and Gundam Build Fighters was present for the event and he even participated in an autograph session.

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The famous Le Grand Rex theater in Paris meanwhile showed the premiere of Gundam UC Episode 7: Over the Rainbow where Shin Sasaki also served as the guest of honor. Long lines were seen outside the theater, and inside, Gundam UC merchandise were sold.

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Good Smile Company also visited the event and showed their best figures and merchandise.

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