GameLife has opened the Atelier Series Art Gallery over at the Asagaya Anime Street for a limited time and it is to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of video game developers and publishers, Gust, which are not only responsible for the Atelier series, but the Ar Tonelico series as well.


On display are several illustrations, character designs, and artworks from the video games as well as several storyboard pieces from the recently-concluded Atelier Escha and Logy anime.

atelierevent_001_cs1w1_720x540 atelierevent_002_cs1w1_720x540 atelierevent_003_cs1w1_720x540 atelierevent_004_cs1w1_720x540 atelierevent_005_cs1w1_540x720 atelierevent_006_cs1w1_540x720 atelierevent_007_cs1w1_720x540 atelierevent_008_cs1w1_720x540 atelierevent_009_cs1w1_540x720 atelierevent_010_cs1w1_540x720 atelierevent_011_cs1w1_540x720

Gamers who have played the JRPGs or have watched the anime are also familiar with the series’ focus on alchemy, and what better way to celebrate Atelier than a life-size alchemist’s table?

atelierevent_012_cs1w1_720x540 atelierevent_013_cs1w1_720x540 atelierevent_014_cs1w1_720x540 atelierevent_015_cs1w1_720x540

of course, Atelier merchandise were also sold

atelierevent_018_cs1w1_290x atelierevent_016_cs1w1_290x ateliereventplus_003_cs1w1_290x ateliereventplus_004_cs1w1_290x

The Atelier Series Art Gallery will stay over at Asagaya until July 30, 2014 and will be open from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm


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