Since 1953, the Radio Kaikan building has been one of Akihabara’s most famous landmarks, and in 2011, it was dismantled to make sure the building lived up to Japan’s strict earthquake standards. Three years on, that very landmark has been rebuilt and last July 20, 2014, the Akihabara icon finally re-opened its doors to the public.


The building can be found just right outside Akihabara Station and is one of the first shops you will see once you arrive in the place dubbed as “The Otaku Capital of the World.”

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A large ad monitor can be seen in the building as well.


Long lines awaited those who wanted to see the Akihabara icon’s re-opening, along with a view of the congratulatory flowers sent in by other people.

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Featuring 30 shops, the new and improved Radio Kaikan building is ten floors worth of shopping which will cater to both the casual visitor and anime fans alike.

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The first floor features an optometrist, a trading card shop, a bookstore, and many more. On opening day, the characters of Girls und Panzer were featured in some of the walls of the establishment.

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The second floor boasts a collection of electronics shops and figure shops while the third floor is dedicated entirely to K Books. The fourth to ninth floors meanwhile are a collection of various lectronics shops, figure shops, anime merchandise shops, trading card shops, doll shops, and hobby shops.

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The 10th floor meanwhile is reserved for events. The opening day event is showcase by trading card game company, Bushiroad.

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There is also a restaurant in the ground floor called Ginza Lion.

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To fans that are familiar with Steins; Gate, the Radio Kaikan is where a “Satellite” crashed during the first episode.

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