The 2013 edition of the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California has featured plenty of surprises and announcements and Japanese anime website has compiled even more images from the event, including some of the cosplayers from the event’s day 2 as well as a look at some of the booths, including Bandai and HULU.


Day One’s cosplayers have certainly been a mix of weird and awesome just like most conventions and the ones from Day Two have certainly followed suit with some great cosplays from Kill la Kill which were one of the most cosplayed series during the event as well as Frozen, Monster Hunter, Kantai Collection and many more along with a few weird ones like the Super Mario Brothers and Gundam Wing Endless Waltz.

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For the booths, Atlus presented their upcoming Persona games which are always a big hit in the U.S. while Bandai Namco exhibited some of their upcoming games.

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Banpresto and Bandai meanwhile exhibited their upcoming figures, plastic models, GunPla, and other merchandise while Bushiroad held a few trading card game battles and featured their Future Card Buddyfight, Cardfight Vanguard and Weiss Schwarz TCGs.

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Funimation, Sentai Filmworks and Crunchyroll presented their anime while Good Smile Company experienced long lines in their booth as fans lined up just to get their hands on some of their figures.

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The Anime Expo 2014 is currently being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center and will have its last day today, July 6, 2014 (local time/ Pacific time)

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