The official [email protected] blog has just announced the third batch of DLCs for the recently released The [email protected] One For All game for the PlayStation 3 and it includes costumes, music, accessory packs, a new scenario. and some very special guests, Dearly Stars.


The DLCs will be called Catalog #3 and will all be included in the game following the July 29, 2014 update.

Let’s start off with the [email protected] guest stars who were first introduced back in 2009 in the Nintendo DS game, The [email protected]: Dearly Stars. They are the idols from 876 Pro and are quite friendly towards the 765 Pro idols. Their members include Ai Hidaka (Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu), Eri Mizutani (Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa), and Ryou Akizuki (Voiced by: Yuuko Sanpei). Yes, Kana Hanazawa herself is a member of  the [email protected] universe for those who don’t know. Their exclusive song is “Hello!”

007 140729imasOFA3-02-DearlyStars_icon

A new scenario will also be a big addition to the game and it is called “765 Pro goes to the island of Everlasting Summer”. The scenario DLC will also include a new costume pack as well as a new song titled “Lemon-colored Youth”. It will be a vacation scenario where the idols will perform on a tropical island resort.

140729imasOFA3-00-catalog-01_screenshot_PS3 dlc03メインメニュー背景

The DLC catalog will also include the new costume called Majestic Avi Monkey which are based on the illustrations by Mari Shimazakiand give the 765 Pro idols a mermaid theme.

finish_marmaid_illust 140729imasOFA3-07-AbyssalMajesty-02_screenshot_PS3

New songs include “Machioke Prince”, “Kami Summer”, “Shichisai Button”, and “Positive” while the other new costumes include “765 Color Glitter”, “Sailor Swimsuit”, “765 School Jersey”, “Princess Melody”, “Cyber Starship”, and “Burning Performer”.

The first DLC catalog featured Cinderella Girls’ resident Chuunibyou, Ranko Kanzaki while the second catalog featured Million Live’s Serika Hakozaki.

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Source: [email protected] blog and 4Gamer


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