During Cornflake’s Danganronpa The Stage ~ Kibo no Gakuen to zetsubo not Kôkôsei ~press conference, they have announced that the main cast for the live action stage adaptation for the popular Danganronpa murder mystery game has finally been completed and revealed actress Sayaka Kanda in costume as Junko Enoshima.


Seeing the live action Junko Enoshima surely sends chills down your spine doesn’t it? Her costume has received much praise from fans of both the video games and the anime and sure enough, they are expecting a big performance from her as she may have one of the most challenging roles in the play.


Cornflakes also revealed the anime’s full cast. Actress, fashion model, and singer Rei Okamoto will play Kyoko Kiriogiri while Hikaru Oosawa will be given one of the most challenging roles in the series as she plays Toko Fukawa/ Genocider Syo also known as Genocider Jill. Kanata Hongou (Ryoma Echizen from the live action Prince of Tennis) will be playing main character Makoto Naegi, Akira Ishida (not the voice actor) plays Yasuhiro Hagakure, Ren Yagami plays Mondo Oowada, Reina Ikehana plays Celestia Ludenberg, Seitarou Mukai plays Hifumi Yamada and Manpei Takagi  plays Kiyotaka Ishimaru. AKB48’s Haruka Ishida will play Chihiro Fujisaki, NMB48’s Fujie Reina will play Super High School swimmer Aoi Asahina, Yukie Yamaguchi will play Sakura Oogawa, and Ryota Ozawa will play Byakuya Togami while Hinako Tanaka will play idol Sayaka Maizono.


Nobuyo Ooyama will be reprising her role as Monokuma, just as she has done in the original video games and the anime adaptation. She also appeared via a video message during the press conference.


The cast then took a picture together along with Monokuma to commemorate the event.


Spike Chunsoft’s Kazutaka Kodaka, who is one of the original video game’s creators will be supervising the Danganronpa stage play which will be held at the Nippon Seinenkan from October 29 – November 3, 2014.

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Source: Radio Kaikan


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