It’s that time of year once again when figure and toy collectors are preparing their wallets for sacrifice as new figure announcements were made by some of the biggest names in the industry like Good Smile Company, Max Factory, Kotobukiya, and many many more. But this time, SGCafe writer Zenko and yours truly got into the middle of the action in Makuhari Messe in Japan where  the biggest garage kit and figure event in Japan was held.


We started off looking at Good Smile Company’s Wonderful Hobby Life For You 20 booth, which was the biggest and most anticipated are in the event. GSC’s partner companies like Max Factory, Phat!, Wing, ThreeA, Freeing, and many more joined in to make it the most popular booth.

There were plenty of great wallet busters announced from the Nendoroid version of Darth Vader, Batman, Archer (Fate/ Stay Night), all μ’s members from Love Live!, and even Frozen’s Elsa (which was not allowed to be pictured by the way and there was an event staff standing guard besides her). Meanwhile, Mario & Luigi, Hulk, Conan Edogawa, Satsuki from Kill la Kill, the entire Girls und Panzer Angler fish team (riding a figma-sized Panzer IV), and Leonidas from 300 were just some of the names who got themselves their own figma versions. Ryuko’s ultimate form, No Game No Life’s Shiro, several [email protected] like Chihaya, Ranko, and Takane, as well as Fate’s Saber Sakura (not to be confused with Saber and Sakura) were all given scale figure versions.

SAM_4118 SAM_4140 SAM_4177

SAM_4091 SAM_4219

SAM_4092 SAM_4093 SAM_4094 SAM_4095 SAM_4096 SAM_4097 SAM_4098 SAM_4099 SAM_4100 SAM_4101 SAM_4102 SAM_4103 SAM_4104 SAM_4105 SAM_4106 SAM_4107 SAM_4108 SAM_4109 SAM_4110 SAM_4111 SAM_4112 SAM_4113 SAM_4114 SAM_4115 SAM_4116 SAM_4117 SAM_4118 SAM_4119 SAM_4120 SAM_4121 SAM_4122 SAM_4123 SAM_4124 SAM_4125 SAM_4126 SAM_4127 SAM_4128 SAM_4129 SAM_4130 SAM_4131 SAM_4132 SAM_4133 SAM_4134 SAM_4135 SAM_4136 SAM_4137 SAM_4138 SAM_4139 SAM_4140 SAM_4141 SAM_4142 SAM_4143 SAM_4144 SAM_4145 SAM_4146 SAM_4147 SAM_4148 SAM_4149 SAM_4150 SAM_4156 SAM_4157 SAM_4158 SAM_4159 SAM_4160 SAM_4161 SAM_4162 SAM_4163 SAM_4164 SAM_4165 SAM_4166 SAM_4167 SAM_4168 SAM_4169 SAM_4170 SAM_4171 SAM_4172 SAM_4173 SAM_4174 SAM_4175 SAM_4176 SAM_4177 SAM_4178 SAM_4179 SAM_4180 SAM_4181 SAM_4182 SAM_4183 SAM_4184 SAM_4185 SAM_4186 SAM_4187 SAM_4188 SAM_4189 SAM_4190 SAM_4191 SAM_4192 SAM_4193 SAM_4194 SAM_4195 SAM_4196 SAM_4197 SAM_4198 SAM_4199 SAM_4200 SAM_4201 SAM_4202 SAM_4203 SAM_4204 SAM_4205 SAM_4206 SAM_4207 SAM_4208 SAM_4209 SAM_4210 SAM_4211 SAM_4212 SAM_4213 SAM_4214 SAM_4215 SAM_4216 SAM_4217 SAM_4218 SAM_4219 SAM_4220 SAM_4221 SAM_4222 SAM_4223 SAM_4224 SAM_4225 SAM_4226 SAM_4227 SAM_4228 SAM_4229 SAM_4230 SAM_4231 SAM_4232 SAM_4233 SAM_4234 SAM_4235 SAM_4236 SAM_4237 SAM_4238 SAM_4239 SAM_4240 SAM_4241 SAM_4242 SAM_4243 SAM_4244 SAM_4245 SAM_4246 SAM_4247 SAM_4248 SAM_4249 SAM_4250 SAM_4251 SAM_4252 SAM_4253 SAM_4254 SAM_4255 SAM_4256 SAM_4257 SAM_4258 SAM_4259 SAM_4260 SAM_4261 SAM_4262 SAM_4263 SAM_4264 SAM_4265 SAM_4266 SAM_4267 SAM_4268 SAM_4269 SAM_4270 SAM_4271 SAM_4272 SAM_4273 SAM_4274 SAM_4275 SAM_4276 SAM_4277 SAM_4278

Up and coming companies are also well represented during WonFes, like Amakuni who had plenty to announce like Yu Yu Hakusho’s Hiei, Fairy Tail’s Lucy, Chuunibyous Rika, and many more.

SAM_4281 SAM_4282 SAM_4283 SAM_4284 SAM_4285 SAM_4286 SAM_4287

Kotobukiya was one of the biggest names during the event and they showed the world why they are one of the most successful figure companies not only in Japan, but also the entire world. It’s most impressive new figure may be from Knights of Sidonia which has a really really long gun.

SAM_4315 SAM_4316 SAM_4317 SAM_4318 SAM_4319 SAM_4320 SAM_4321 SAM_4322 SAM_4323 SAM_4324 SAM_4325 SAM_4326 SAM_4327 SAM_4328 SAM_4329 SAM_4330 SAM_4331 SAM_4332 SAM_4333 SAM_4334 SAM_4335 SAM_4336 SAM_4337 SAM_4338 SAM_4339 SAM_4340 SAM_4341 SAM_4342 SAM_4343 SAM_4344 SAM_4345 SAM_4346 SAM_4347 SAM_4348 SAM_4349

Aniplex+ meanwhile kept their end of the bargain and announced their latest figures, including swimsuit versions of Sword Art Online heroines, Suguha and Asuna!

SAM_4289 SAM_4290 SAM_4291 SAM_4292 SAM_4293 SAM_4294 SAM_4295 SAM_4297 SAM_4298 SAM_4299 SAM_4300

But the big name companies weren’t the only ones who impressed as several independent garage kit makers showed their bigger rivals that they too belong in the same event as them. Check them out along with other figure images we have taken from the event!

SAM_4353 SAM_4354 SAM_4313 SAM_4314 SAM_4358 SAM_4359 P1040535 P1040565 P1040566 P1040574 P1040576 P1040578

SAM_4369 SAM_4370

There were also several Kaijuu puppets on display and the detail in them is just impressive. They can even copy (sort of) Godzilla’s destructively powerful atomic breath.

SAM_4360 SAM_4361 SAM_4362 SAM_4363 SAM_4364 SAM_4365 SAM_4366 SAM_4367 SAM_4368

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