Wonder Festival ain’t just about the figures and garage kits, but it is also a time for when cosplayers from not only Japan but there were some foreigners as well. As me and fellow SGCafe writer Zenko continued our WonFes 2014 (Summer) journey, we now take a look at several of the cosplayers present during the event.

One of the cosplayers who got a lot of attention was this Space Dandy Cosplayer who got into a tussle with Good Smile Company’s recently unveiled mutant cockroach from the upcoming SciFi thriller, Terra Formars. Even the Winderful Hobby Life For You booth staff were laughing out loud with his antics, and he was more than kind enough to pose for us too!

SAM_4288 P1040545 P1040542P1040543P1040544

There were also plenty of booth cosplayers during the event, like Asuna and a few others, including this one cosplaying Rokujyoma no Shinryakusha!?’s resident ghost, Sanae Higashihongan.

P1040560 P1040561 SAM_4302

Here are the other cosplayers who have posed for our cameras during WonFes:

SAM_4352 SAM_4355 SAM_4356 P1040549 P1040568 P1040569 P1040570 P1040571 P1040572 P1040577

The event also featured plenty of displays, most of which came from the Good Smile Company group’s Wonderful Hobby Life For You booth. It includes a life-size Chamber Head + cockpit from Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, a Knights of Sidonia bike, and Good Smile Racing’s latest race car.

P1040536 P1040537 P1040538 P1040539 P1040540 SAM_4279 SAM_4280 SAM_4152 SAM_4153 SAM_4154 SAM_4155 SAM_4086 SAM_4357 SAM_4296

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