Arguably, Super Sonico is best known not for her constantly wearing earphones or for being Nitro+’s resident mascot character, but for her extremely large chest. Soft Garage has recently undertaken a huge project concerning Super Sonico as of late and now they have finally finished it, a life-size 3D mouse pad of the lovable pink-haired vocalist.


When they said life-size, they meant it as this mouse pad is as large as a real human girl’s bust. Measuring in at 450mm x 380mm, and weighing in at 1,600 grams, this is one huge 3D mouse pad.


Sonico’s chest in this mouse pad boasts a G-cup, which many consider as her actual measurement if she were real, and is way larger than the average chest size. Her chest uses medical-grade silicon by MJOriginal and the cross section uses 2WAY tricot fabric.


Compared to a mouse, this is how big this life-size “oppai” mouse pad is


It will be sold over at the Soft Garage booth, which is booth no. 925 during Comiket 86 which will be held over at the Tokyo Big Sight from August 15 – 17, 2014. It costs a whopping 20,000 yen.

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Source: Soft Garage


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