The August 2014 issue of Newtype Magazine has once again released their Newtype rankings, and these latest ones aren’t really surprising as the red-hot Sword Art Online II (which has just premiered last July 5) has asserted its dominance.


Male Rankings

1) Kirito (Sword Art Online)

2) Tatsuya Shiba (The Irregular At Magic High School)

3) Kira Yamato (Gundam SEED)

4) Jotaro Kujo (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders)

5) Rentaro Satomi

6) Toru Acura (Chaika the Coffin Princess)

7) Yuuki Hase (One Week Friends)

8) Yuu Nishinoya (Haikyuu!!)

9) Ginko (Mushi-Shi)

10) Shintarou Kisaragi (Mekaku City Actors)

Female Rankings

1) Chaika Trabant (Chaika the Coffin Princess)

2) Tokaku Azuma (Riddle Story of Devil)

3) Miyuki Shiba (The Irregular At Magic High School)

4) Asuna (Sword Art Online)

5) Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed)

6) Saber (Fate/Zero)

7) Kaori Fujimiya (One Week Friends)

8) Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

9) Hana Mutou (Captain Earth)

10) Ayano (Mekaku City Actors)

Series Ranking

1) Sword Art Online II

2) The Irregular At Magic High School

3) Riddle Story of Devil

4) Is the Order a Rabbit?

5) Haikyuu!!

6) Captain Earth

7) Mobile Suit Gundam UC

8) Date A Live II

9) Love Live!

10) Chaika The Coffin Princess

As expected, the Sword Art Online II hype has already begun in the Newtype rankings with Kirito taking #1 for the male rankings, Asuna taking #4 in the female rankings, and the new SAO II anime taking the top spot for the anime series rankings. The meme coffin princess Chaika, along with lesbian assassin Tokaku and genius magic user Miyuki stop an all-SAO sweep for the 3 rankings.

Gundam SEED’s Kira and Lacus meanwhile continue their run in the top 10 which has already lasted for several years now and with Kira taking #3, their long run at the top 10 would not seem to end any time soon.


The Irregular at Magic High School, which dominated the last rankings meanwhile took second place for the male and series rankings with Miyuki taking #3. Yuri anime Riddle Story of Devil meanwhile took the #3 spot for the series and #2 for the female rankings showing that the anime has truly made a dent in the series. Chaika The Coffin Princess on the other hand has used its stellar cast of characters and good story well with Chaika taking the #1 spot.


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