This week’s issue of Japanese Gaming magazine, Famitsu, has confirmed that the newly released Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment game for the PlayStation Vita will be getting a sequel as the game’s sales have been doing very well.


Both Sword Art Online light novel author and creator Reki Kawahara (who also wrote Accel World) and Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment producer Yosuke Futami have said that the Hollow Fragment is the best selling SAO game thus far and its sales have already exceeded that of the original SAO game, Infinity Moment.


Futami once said that there would be a huge chance that there would be a sequel coming if Hollow Fragment exceeded the sales of Infinity Moment, and as it did, he revealed to Weekly Famitsu magazine that he is already planning the sequel.


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment was released last April 24, 2014 for the PS Vita. It features plenty of features from wedding dresses and unlockable costumes to even romancing Klein. Yaoi fangirls rejoice!  A Chinese and English version has also been released for Asia.


What would you want to see with this new SAO game? Better graphics? Better gameplay? More Fanservice? Or more Kirito carrying Klein around in a princess carry?

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