Anime series have been getting new reboots, new series or continuations as of late, the most recent ones include Sailor Moon Crystal and last year’s Rozen Maiden as well as 2011’s Hunter X Hunter. There are also several anime adaptations which have been getting much needed new seasons like Sword Art Online II and Oregairu/ My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU which will be getting its new season next year.

However, there have been several series that fans have been wondering whether or not they will be getting a new season, a new series, a reboot or a continuation. We now take a look at ten of the series which have fans who have been asking for something new about these anime series for years now.

Slam Dunk – A Reboot


Based on Takehiko Inoue’s beloved manga of the same name, this anime became one of the reasons Japan fell in love with the game of basketball. Though it was considered a hit and consisted of 101 episodes and four movies, it was not able to fully adapt the entire manga into the anime. When it ended, the series left several fans hanging and disappointed that they were not able to watch the National Games arc, which is the conclusion of the entire series. Many fans have been asking for a reboot of Slam Dunk and it should include the National Games arc, however, Slam Dunk is also known for having 24-second ball possessions last an entire episode, and if this anime is going to get rebooted, it should do away with all the in-court commentary and hasten the pace.

Rurouni Kenshin – A Reboot


With the success of the live action movie adaptations, Rurouni Kenshin is experiencing a huge comeback and they should ride this huge wave of momentum and reboot the anime series. The original anime only followed the manga up until the Shishio arc/ Kyoto Arc, and it was all original stories from there on. If this anime should get a reboot, it would be wise to follow the manga much more closely and pick up after Kenshin’s victory over Shishio.

Yu Yu Hakusho – A Reboot


The Yu Yu Hakusho anime adaptation had a much different feel compared to Yoshihiro Togashi’s original manga as many fans have considered that the two greatly differed not only in art style, but also its level of violence. The anime is also notorious for long, dragging battles and if this anime were to get a reboot, it should be one that is much closer to Togashi’s manga and it should have a quicker pace.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – A new season


After leaving fans hanging with The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya movie, no new season has been made yet, and with the original light novels having already ended, the time is ripe to give fans what they want and give this goddess a new season… or else she might subconsciously try to destroy the world… again.

K-On!! – A new season


Yes, four of the five members of Houkago Tea Time have already graduated. Yes, many fans have already gotten over the graduation blues… and yet, why are there still many of them asking for K-On!! season 3?! Well, let’s just say that fans really want to see the girls’ lives as college students and watch Azusa’s struggles as a “sempai” as well as her efforts to rebuild the light music club. The calls for a third season have even gotten plenty of memes as fans from all over the world have been demanding it to be animated.

Full Metal Panic! – A new season


For almost an entire decade now, fans have wondered whether mecha anime Full Metal Panic! will be getting itself a new season. Well, nine years on, while some fans may have apparently already already given up, there are still a number out there still hoping that Kyoto Animation would just continue adapting Shoji Gatoh’s beloved light novels into an anime. Like K-On!!, the demand for a new FMP season has already become a meme around the internet with some seriously asking for a new season while some jokingly say that “you know a new anime list is fake when you see a new season of Full Metal Panic included in the list“.

Rave Master – A Reboot


It’s no secret that fans have waited long to see Haru Glory and Ellie back in action and they have really waited long and hard for a new anime as the series ended right before a major battle is fought. Fans became very angry that the ending left them hanging at such an exciting junction. Considered Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima’s first hit manga, several fans got their hopes up that Rave Master, also known as Groove Adventure Rave, will be receiving a new anime adaptation when the Rave X Fairy Tail crossover was animated.

Hayate the Combat Butler! – A new season


Sure, they made a new movie and two new anime series about Hayate with Can’t Take my Eyes Off You and the disappointing series known as Cuties, but it truly seems that that is not what the fans want. What they want is for the anime to pick up where season 2 left off and to animate what is considered the most popular and highly rated arc of the manga series which is the Athena arc, also known as the Greece arc. Fans who were not familiar with the manga were really left hanging with the ending of season 2 and wanted to know who “Hayate’s First Girlfriend” was, and when some of them finally read the manga, they wanted to see it animated.

The Story of Saiunkoku – A new season


Also known as Saiunkoku Monogatari, this shoujo reverse-harem anime became popular to female fans, and like the mostly male-oriented anime on our list, its last season pretty much left plenty of questions unanswered. Though the light novel has already finished in 2011, fans are still asking for more as both the manga and the anime adaptations have not caught up with their original LN sources.

A Certain Magical Index – A new season


2014 marks the A Certain series’ 10th anniversary and sure enough, the demand for a 3rd season has increased with the success of both A Certain Scientific Railgun S and the A Certain Magical Index movie. However, those familiar with the light novels will know that the series will indeed have a much darker tone once a third season pushes through as it explores the dark sides for both the magic side and the science side. Never the less, fans are seriously asking for it and JC Staff better wise up and get them what they want.

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