One of the many announcements made at WonFes this year during the various Nico streams going on involved the return of A Certain Scientific Railgun, or To Aru as it teams up with th Tokyo Verdy soccer team.

A Certain series’ ‘s Mikoto Misaka may not seem the soccer type, but the latest collaboration between anime and sports has her hitting the green.


Starting in November fans of both soccer and ToAru’s Mikoto Misaka will be able to get their hands on a set of collaborative jerseys featuring Tokyo Verdy’s signature green.


Mikoto may be the one taking the field, but jerseys will also be available for Kuroko, Kazari and Ruiko as well. Each will cost 18,000 yen and can be ordered at Verdy’s official website until August 24.

ruiko kazari kuroko

Of course the collaboration isn’t just a couple of jerseys. The real kick off event will be on November 1 when the team starts it’s season off against Sapporo. Tickets are on sale throughout August, and will net you the chance to see a good game plus Rina Satou and Satomi Arai. Rina provides the voice of Mikoto, while Satomi is in charge of major filmography for both ToAru series.


Which jersey do you really want?

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