The popular doujin game series, Touhou Project or Project Shrine Maiden has teamed up with several well known Japanese illustrators to present fans with some Touhou fabric wall clocks which will not only show the time, but will also let you proudly show your fandom.


There are 10 designs in total, and each of the designs are illustrated by one famous illustrator. These illustrators include: Hina Enomoto, Turin Aqua, C7 Hiji, Yuhagi, Yoshiko Yoshioka and more. These artists have gained notoriety in Japan for their Pixiv illustrations, particularly their Toho artworks. Some of them have even provided illustrations for several light novels.

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Each clock costs 4,968 yen and are scheduled to ship mid September 2014. They are now available over at the UD store for a limited time.

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