Sword Art Online II is definitely the biggest, if not, one of the biggest anime titles this Summer 2014 season, and its no surprise that SAO II is the one featured in Banpresto’s latest Ichiban Kuji lottery game which will be released on November 2014. 


Banpresto still has not released all the images of their upcoming Sword Art Online II prizes, but they have already revealed what they are. A Prize will be a double-sided Sword Art Online II poster, as mentioned before, what it will really look like is still a mystery as Banpresto still has not revealed it yet. However, Banpresto did reveal what the B prize, C Prize, D Prize and E Prize look like.

B Prize: Kyun-Chara Sinon figure

sao II 1

C Prize: Kyun-Chara Kirito (GGO Avatar) figure

sao II 2

D Prize: Kyun-Chara Asuna (ALO Undine Avatar) figure

sao II 3

E Prize:  Kyun-Chara Kirito (New ALO Avatar) figure

sao II 4

The other prizes include:

F Prize: Another Kyun-chara figure of a yet-to-be-revealed character. I wonder who it is? Death Gun? Silica? Leafa? Lizbeth? Yui? Klein?

G Prize: Sword Art Online II poster

H Prize: Muffler Towel

I Prize: Bookmark set (set of 5)

J Prize: Rubber Phone Strap

Last Prize: Specially colored Asuna Kyun-chara figure

Double Chance Prize: To be announced

The lottery games will be held in various bookstores, convenience stores, hobby shops, and arcades all over Japan. Each lottery ticket will cost 620 yen.


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