Known as “The World’s Greatest Detective”, “The Caped Crusader”, and “The Dark Knight”,  “The Goddamn Batman” is no stranger to Japan as the country is considered one of the places the young Bruce Wayne was trained in. Recently, Batman was spotted riding his bat cycle in the roads of Chiba, Japan, and he certainly turned a lot of heads.


Whether it is to stop a mysterious ninja clan from invading near-by Tokyo or stopping Ra’s Al Ghul and his League of Assassins or even preventing the Joker from playing one of his deadly pranks on the Japanese populace, one can only imagine what this Batman is up to as he was photographed riding in high speeds as if he were in a big hurry.


Honestly, all he needs now is the “Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman!” theme song playing and everything would have been absolutely perfect! That and him doing the “Batman Voice”


The images were uploaded by @ Snsd_mumin via his twitter page and the reactions were quite mixed with some saying that it was really cool, while some said that the stunt is really dangerous and others were even wondering if he got caught by the police as they pointed out the many road violations done by the cosplayer. Why so serious?

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