You don’t have to spend a lot to become a VOCALOID producer with the latest magazine aimed at bringing an affordable VOCALOID to all fans.

The latest VOCALOID magazine, BokaroP ni Naritai! (I want to become a VOCALOID Producer) is aiming to help fans of the software finally use it by providing an affordable guide and software.  The magazine, which will cost 800 yen and release on September 9, comes bundled with a DVD-ROM containing the V3 editor, Rana’s voicebank, and software for creating music.


The DVD will also contain the MMD data for Rana so that you can make music videos featuring her.


Like most VOCALOID’s, Rana will also require license renewal each month, but after purchasing the entire year worth of magazines, she and the resources bundled with it will be available for an unlimited time.

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Source: AnimeAnime 


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