The FIFA World Cup may be over but in Japan, a certain pro football match has gotten much attention as it pits two teams that are sponsored by two of the most popular anime today – The Girls und Panzer-backed Mito Hollyhock FC and the A Certain Scientific Railgun-backed Tokyo Verdy.


This may just be a regular J-League Division 2 match, but it is being promoted as A Certain Scientific Railgun vs. Girls und Panzer since both teams are backed by a popular anime. Both teams’ respective jerseys also feature their anime sponsor in one way or another.

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It is no secret that Mito Hollyhock, which is based in Ibaraki Prefecture, the home turf of Girls und Panzer, is a big supporter of the anime. Not only do they sport GarUPan jerseys, but the tanks featured in the anime often make appearances in their games. The team also has standees of the Oarai girls in their own arena ready to cheer for the home team.

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Tokyo Verdy on the other hand, is not shy about the support it is getting from the A Certain series, particularly A Certain Scientific Railgun. Heroine Misaka Mikoto has even donned the team’s colors and A Certain merchandise are sold whenever the team plays a home game. A certain series Banners and posters are also commonplace in their games.

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The game, which is highly anticipated by fans of both series, will be played at the Ajinomoto Stadium, the home arena of Tokyo Verdy. It will be played on August 17, 2014, and expect fans of both series (and both teams) to come in force. So, who would you cheer for? Misaka Mikoto and her Tokyo Verde or the Oarai Girls and their Mito Hollyhock?

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