In normal days, the Tokyo Big Sight area in Odaiba, Tokyo is a pretty peaceful place with not much people, and not much happening… you can even say that the place is pretty boring. However, every Comiket, which happens twice a year, all hell breaks loose. This is the scene earlier in the Tokyo Big Sight station where thousands of people attending the event got off.


Pretty chaotic, right? Now compare that to when I personally visited the station three weeks ago. I took this photo during a normal day where pretty much, nothing was happening.


The day before the event, plenty of anime ads were littered around the station, anticipating the influx of people wanting to go to the bi-annual otaku extravaganza known as Comiket. Here are the latest anime, video game, and manga ads just for Comiket 86

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Even the Lawson right beside the station has geared up for all the otaku that are coming


Speaking of the otaku that are coming, many have camped out earlier just to be the first ones to get their hands on some limited edition merchandise which will be sold during the event.


Looks like summer rain wasn’t enough to stop some people from coming

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and then when the weather cleared, the sea of humanity was just awe-inspiring

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Comic market, or Comiket for short, is Japan’s largest doujinshi event where comic circles show off their latest works. The event also features big name companies like Good Smile Company, Cospa, and Kadokawa to show off and sell their latest merchandise. Cosplayers from all over Japan also come to the event to show off their newest costumes. It is considered to be one of the most important anime events on Earth. The event will be held from August 15 – 17, 2014.

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