Very few anime series can boast a dedicated and loyal fandom such as Love Live!, and its fans from China have proven just how loyal they really are when some of them do something in front of the new Love Live! trains in the city of Shanghai.


When the Shanghai Metro Line 2 train featuring a Love Live! wrapping started service, some Chinese Love Livers wasted no time in visiting the trains and started grovelling in front of it, happy that the city has accepted such a Japanese import. When we say Love Livers are some of the most dedicated anime fans on Earth, we certainly are not kidding.

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The Shanghai Metro does not only feature a Love Live! theme outside the trains, but inside as well, and as the image below shows, these Love Livers have even grovelled inside the trains.


The fans were even featured in local news, however, they were not given a good light as the news stated that these grovelling fans “posted serious consequences to the safety of the other riders”.

The Love Live! “Ita-train” has been in service since last week and will only be servicing the Shanghai Metro Line 2 until August 20, 2014.

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Source: Xinhua


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