Comiket 86 has officially begun, and while the fan-made and original doujinshis are considered the stars of the event, the cosplays are also considered as one of Comiket’s most popular draws. We take a look at some of Day 1’s cosplays from the awesome and the cute to the ones that are just plain weird.

Let’s start things off over at AU’s Yowamushi Pedal Van where the company’s cosplayers have dressed up as the YowaPe characters in order to be human WiFi hotspots.


The cosplayer who actually stole the show was this Shimakaze cosplayer who attracted legions of photographers who wanted her to pose for their cameras. Let’s just say that her getting mobbed by photographers would be a bit of an understatement.

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Meanwhile, another Kantai Collection cosplayer also grabbed some attention as he cosplayed Akagi’s… Flight Deck?!


And speaking of weird Kantai Collection cosplayers… I’m not even… Nope! (photo by @ IoryHamon)


 Yes, the weird ones just make the event a whole lot more awesome, like this guy cosplaying Bleach manga creator Tite Kubo (photo by @ Futa910)


While Kubo-sensei is known for his bulging muscles, the swimmers from Free! are known for abs, as this group cosplay would show (photos by @ ASCEUSAKO and Comike_sokuhou)


They weren’t the only Free! cosplay group though…

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With the hot summer sun bearing down, it’s no surprise that some cosplayers would be um… less clothed. (photo by @ Necobike)


Here’s that certain gourmand from Tokyo Ghoul complete with a napkin with Kaneki’s blood… or some ketchup. (Photo by @ MtmnY)


This man may not be cosplaying, but he brought bunnies so your argument is invalid!


Um… OK, nothing to see here, moving on… (photo by Asiihoumiushi)


Can somebody please explain what the heck is going on here? (Photo by @ Rumia_nanoka)


He was an ordinary cosplayer… until he took an arrow to the knee! (photo by @ Ito_yasu3401)


This guy brought his A game with a quality Kamen Rider cosplay (pjoto by @ MtmnY)


The summer heat may have gotten a bit cooler with Elsa


This pair of Love Live! cosplayers also got a bit of attention


Well, happy birthday!

ce2twEbs (1)

Going to comiket, you have to be ready, like this guy, he came prepared!


…and then there’s LADY BEARD… is that… Sailor Moon?!


Here’s some of the great cosplays compiled by 0takomu… And yes, Sailor Ojii was there and that Minecraft cosplayer is awesome


C8616660 C8616666 C8616672 C8616675 C8616676 C8616682 C8616685 C8616692 C8616702 C8616705 C8616707 C8616709 C8616713 C8616719 C8616721 C8616724 C8616727 C8616729 C8616735 C8616737 C8616743 C8616744 C8616749 C8616754 C8616757 C8616759 C8616764 C8616769 C8616772 C8616779 C8616780 C8616789 C8616794 C8616811 C8616813 C8616820 C8616821 C8616824 C8616827 C8616838 C8616844 C8616850 C8616855 C8616863 C8616865 C8616868 C8616871 C8616875 C8616882 C8616888 C8616895 C8616896 C8616901 C8616903 C8616905 C8616910 C8616916 C8616921 C8616923 C8616927 C8616930 C8616932 C8616936 C8616940 C8616949 C8616952 C8616954 C8616963 C8616971 C8616976 C8616982 C8616987 C8616995 C8616999 C8617002 C8617003 C8617012 C8617014 C8617017 C8617020 C8617029 C8617036 C8617040 C8617051 C8617054 C8617088 C8617103 C8617110 C8617118 C8617119 C8617123 C8617126 C8617144 C8617147 C8617149 C8617153 C8617155 C8617159 C8617161 C8617167 C8617171 C8617175 C8617177 C8617179 C8617184 C8617189 C8617191 C8617195 C8617198 C8617209 C8617210 C8617212 C8617214 C8617216 C8617218 C8617220 C8617226 C8617228 C8617241 C8617247 C8617251 C8617260 C8617266 C8617277 C8617286 C8617292 C8617294 C8617301 C8617308 C8617309 C8617314 C8617316 C8617322 C8617328 C8617330 C8617358 C8617364 C8617369 C8617371 C8617375 C8617379 C8617384 C8617390 C8617391 C8617399 C8617410 C8617412 C8617416 C8617418 C8617420 C8617422 C8617427 C8617432 C8617441 C8617447 C8617450 C8617452 C8617459 C8617461 C8617465 C8617466 C8617470 C8617473 C8617474 C8617477 C8617479 C8617481 C8617484 C8617487 C8617490 C8617493 C8617498 C8617501 C8617504 C8617507 C8617513 C8617518 C8617524 C8617527 C8617533 C8617539 C8617544 C8617553 C8617557 C8617563 C8617568 C8617570 C8617573 C8617576 C8617580 C8617583 C8617589 C8617592 C8617599 C8617601 C8617604 C8617608 C8617610 C8617615 C8617616 C8617620 C8617621 ce2twEbs (1) ce2twEbs IMG_7002 IMG_7003 IMG_7014 IMG_7015 IMG_7018 IMG_7020 IMG_7028 IMG_7029 IMG_7035 IMG_7041 IMG_7044 IMG_7052 IMG_7054 IMG_7065 IMG_7074 IMG_7077 IMG_7081 IMG_7086 IMG_7087 IMG_7091 IMG_7095 IMG_7097 IMG_7102 IMG_7104 IMG_7106 IMG_7113 IMG_7114 IMG_7129 IMG_7132 IMG_7140 IMG_7146 IMG_7150 IMG_7156 IMG_7160 IMG_7162 IMG_7173 IMG_7174 IMG_7181 IMG_7184 IMG_7186 IMG_7192 IMG_7197 IMG_7199 IMG_7205 IMG_7213 IMG_7215 IMG_7217 IMG_7220 IMG_7226 IMG_7237 IMG_7243 IMG_7248 IMG_7249 IMG_7254 IMG_7259 IMG_7266 IMG_7286 IMG_7287 IMG_7291 IMG_7294 IMG_7304 IMG_7310 IMG_7315 IMG_7322 IMG_7325 IMG_7342 IMG_7346 IMG_7362 IMG_7371 IMG_7378 IMG_7394 IMG_7397 IMG_7399 IMG_7408 IMG_7412 IMG_7415 IMG_7422 IMG_7423 IMG_7428 IMG_7432 IMG_7439 IMG_7444 IMG_7448 IMG_7453 IMG_7456 IMG_7459 IMG_7465 IMG_7469 IMG_7479 IMG_7485 IMG_7491 IMG_7496 IMG_7506 IMG_7520 IMG_7526 IMG_7532 IMG_7543 IMG_7550 IMG_7557 IMG_7561 IMG_7565 IMG_7572 IMG_7574 IMG_7582 IMG_7588 IMG_7602 IMG_7603 IMG_7611 IMG_7618

And here’s some of the Day 1 cosplays as compiled by Radio Kaikan. That Gon cosplayer and Mel Kishida cosplayer kinda stole the show, right? Oh and Tetsujin and them Silent Hill nurses looked pretty awesome.

DSC_0003 DSC_0024 DSC_0030 DSC_0031 DSC_0035 DSC_0036 DSC_0044 DSC_0047 DSC_0052 DSC_0054 DSC_0059 DSC_0064 DSC_0066 DSC_0072 DSC_0077 DSC_0080 DSC_0083 DSC_0093 DSC_0094

What do you think of Day 1’s cosplays? Remember, this is just the first day of the event. You can check out our Comiket 86 coverage through this link

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