When the 3rd season of Dog Days was announced during Comiket 86 along with Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha spin-off ViVid, there was definitely much rejoicing, and new information about the anime has just surfaced care of the October edition of Megami magazine which interviewed its director, Junji Nishimura.


According to the interview, Nishimura said that the new season will be taking place 2 – 3 months after the second season ended with Cinque, Rebecca, and Nanami returning to the world of Flonyard. He also added that two or three more major characters will be added and that the story will explore the world of Flonyard even more, with Cinque exploring what it is to be a hero even more.


The anime will premiere on January 2015 as part of a very loaded Winter 2015 season along with Kantai Collection and Durarara!!’s second season.


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Source: Yaraon! image via ANN


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