Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino is known for being fiery and opinionated, he is also known for killing off a lot of characters as his series progress. The legendary anime director recently sat down with Beat Magazine and talked about his new anime, Mobile Suit Gundam Reconguista in G. But what sparked the interest of many is that he also talked about another anime, one that is written by another anime icon known for killing off characters without remorse – Gen Urobuchi‘s Madoka Magica.


Tomino said that in his current self, he may not be able to pull things off as Gen would have done in Madoka Magica. He told Beat Magazine that the pressure for making the Madoka Magica characters was a “no win” situation for him at this time. Knowing how opinionated he is, the statement may have been a huge praise to the talents of MadoMagi creator Gen Urobuchi who many people have touted as “The Second Coming of Tomino”.


“Kill’em All Tomino” actually said that he may not be able to pull off what “Gen UroButcher” did with Madoka Magica at this time. Now that is praise coming from the man who has become infamous for killing off every single member of the Shrike Team in Mobile Suit Gundam Victory. As for killing off beloved characters in the most violent way possible, he may have taken a liking to Mami getting her head bitten off in Madoka Magica.


He also talked about the voice acting for Gundam Reconguista in G and how casting the right voice actors is the utmost importance. He said that

Of course putting a lot of thought into the characters is important, as well as the actors who will be delving deeply and spending their time as them for a while.

Tomino is set to return in a Gundam Reconguista in G this October 2014 as part of the 35th anniversary celebrations of the Gundam franchise.

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