Square Enix’s now-controversial manga, High Score Girl, is now in hot water as gaming giant SNK has filed a legal complaint against Square Enix for the manga using several of its copyrighted material. Square Enix has voluntarily recalled the manga series after police searched their headquarters. That however does not stop the manga’s anime adaptation from pushing through.

hsg 2

According to IT Media, there are “no changes” from the plans to adapt High Score Girl into an anime. The decision has made many fans of the manga quite happy.

The manga, which has already been released in five volumes has been pulled from various stores and websites like Amazon and sales of its electronic version has also been halted. The manga has used various characters from not only SNK’s video games, but Capcom, Sega, and Bandai Namco games as well.

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The series is serialized in Square Enix’s Monthly Gangan Magazine and will continue to be serialized until the series properly ends. The series is a “90’s Romantic Comedy” set during the boom of 2D Fighting games, thus using many copyrighted material from various other companies. The anime adaptation was greenlit last December 2013

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Source: IT Media



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