Just a few weeks removed from one of 2014’s biggest figure extravaganzas known as Summer WonFes 2014, figure makers have once again displayed their latest offerings, this time for figure distributors during the summer 2014 edition of the Hobby Maker’s Joint Figure Exhibition.


The biggest name displaying their goodies may be the Good Smile Company group which consists of Good Smile Company, Max Factory, Phat! Company, Wing, Freeing, Penguin Parade, and Gift. Here are their displays, some of which were introduced during the Wonder Festival.

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o0515032413027523317 o0515026113027523068 o0515032813027463019 o0515034013027462680 o0515033913027462681 o0515034713027462324 o0515036413027463018 o0515038213027461618 o0515039013027461632 o0515047813027461992 o0515049613027462323 o0515051613027463020 o0515061513027462325 o0515063613027462683 o0515067013027463381 o0515068113027523067 o0515070313027461990 g002s g003s g004s g005s g006s g007s g008s g009s g010s g011s g012s g013s g014s g015s g016s g017s g018s g019s g020s g021s g022s g023s g024s g025s g026s g027s g028s g029s g030s g031s g032s g033s g034s g035s g036s g037s g038s g039s g040s g041s g042s g043s g044s g045s g046s g047s g048s g049s g050s g051s g052s g053s g054s g055s g056s g057s g058s g059s g060s g061s g062s g063s g064s g065s g066s g067s g068s g069s g070s g071s g072s m002s m003s m004s m005s m006s m007s m008s m009s m010s m011s m012s m013s m014s m015s m016s m017s m018s m019s m020s m021s m022s m023s m024s m025s m026s m027s m028s m029s m030s m031s m032s m033s m034s m035s m036s m037s m038s m039s m040s m041s m042s m043s m044s m045s m046s m047s m048s m049s m050s m051s m052s m053s m054s m055s m056s

Other figure makers also sought to impress the figure distributors with their offerings. Here are the ones from Orca Toys:

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Here are Daiki’s offerings

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These ones are from Kaitendo

t020s t021s t022s t023s t024s t025s t026s t027s t028s

Ami Ami and Aquamarine also showed some great figures

t029s t030s t031s t032s t033s t034s t035s t036s t037s t038s t039s t040s t041s t042s t043s t044s t045s t046s t047s

Orchid Seed, Vertex, and Milestone also impressed with theior figures

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Sol International, Platz, Hobby Stock, and Plum were also present while Wave proved that they can do more than just their usual Beach Queens. Takara Tomy also shocked everyone by showing that Optimus Prime can indeed transform from a PlayStation.

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Finally, we end with Union Creative, Kaioyodo, Algernon, Cospa, Ken Elephant, and Medicom who showed off their latest Real Action Heroes (RAH) figures.

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Are your wallets still alive or are they still bleeding?

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Sources: Kahotan and Akiba Hobby


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