With the 2011 anime adaptation of Hunter X Hunter ending in a few weeks at Episode 148, fans of the series can’t get any more bad news, right? Unfortunately, the latest issue of Weekly Shounen Jump! Magazine is bringing even more bad news as it will be announcing that Hunter X Hunter manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi is going on another hiatus.


This new hiatus will last for two weeks and will be out for the 39th and the 40th issue. Shounen Jump! however did promise that the hiatus-ridden manga artist is aiming to come back with the magazine’s 41st issue, which would mean that this new hiatus may last for 2 weeks.


The reason for this new hiatus is that Togashi is currently experiencing back pains and cannot continue writing the manga as of the moment as he will be undergoing treatment.

The manga artist has been known for his long and frequent hiatuses, which often last for years and has frustrated many fans. The reason for many of these long hiatuses has been his health, however, many fans are not convinced of this.

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Source: ANN


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